Electronic data on hard drives, disks, tapes, computers and other data bearing electronic equipment must be handled with care and protected with stringent privacy measures. A single data breach can lead to a permanently tainted reputation as well as millions of dollars in liability and identity theft.

Green Box understands that no person or business can afford to lose control of their sensitive data. Our  procedures exceed regulations and ensure the security of your electronic information.

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Your company’s data must be completely destroyed. Industry-leading certifications for data destruction and hard drive sanitation ensure the highest degree of transparency and security. Our down-line recycling partners employ the absolute highest level of accreditations ranging from e-Steward and R2 to ISO and NAID endorsements.

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Greenbox follows unequivocal standards to eradicate data. We use the world’s leading secure data destruction tools to ensure secure data wiping to US government standards. Our data wiping software is fully accredited and performs Secure Sanitization of Protectively Marked or Sensitive Information. We erase data on hard disk drives to the higher and lower available standard and specification globally.

Our data destruction process is in full compliance with all physical destruction criteria as set forth by various laws and regulations, including but not limited to: DoD regulations; HIPAA; Sarbanes-Oxley Act; Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act; FACTA Disposal Rule; Bank Secrecy Act; Patriot Act of 2002; Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act; US Safe Harbor Provisions; FDA Security Regulations; PCI Data Security Standard; Various state laws.

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