Improve foot traffic up to 43%!

Host a Green Box on your high traffic property


That’s Mighty Green Of You

Recent polls show that consumers are up to 71% more likely to shop and spend money at businesses that exhibit “green” business practices.

The statistic doesn’t surprise us. Hosting a Green Box on your property has been proven to drive business, big time.

As a property owner or manager, showing your love for the environment isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s profitable too. Green Box host businesses have become community heroes in the public eye by helping to solve the eWaste Epidemic.


More Traffic = More Business

Green Box kiosks are extremely effective traffic drivers for businesses of all types.

Studies on participating host properties show up to a 43% increase in foot traffic to surrounding businesses simply by placing a Green Box on site. Multiple host locations have claimed revenue jumps over several thousand dollars per month after kiosk placement. 

Green Box kiosks are immensely effective at driving customers to gas stations and corner stores  in local communities where recycling options are limited. Our host partners include companies like Shell, Chevron, 76, Home Depot, Albertsons, Big Lots, and 99 Cent Store as well as multiple school districts and property management firms such as CBRE, Regency and Grubb and Ellis.

Get On The Map

Green Box follows up each kiosk placement with a local awareness campaign designed specifically to direct customers to your business. Our interactive map of Green Box locations drives thousands of views every day.

Recycle hungry consumers are searching for a solution to eWaste – We help them find it. Host locations and business details are featured on the map and our flagship locations are actively promoted though community awareness projects.

On average, host locations receive over 1000 free brand impressions per month through online promotional activities and local events.

We Pick Up The Slack

Green Boxes are equipped with the worlds most advanced fill sensor and asset tracking technologies allowing our technicians to anticipate volume and prevent boxes from overfilling with just-in-time route planning.

Green Box takes pride in our impeccable host services and we work diligently managing hundreds of separate host relationships.

We feature same day removal of debris or items left outside of any kiosk. It isn’t always easy being green but it’s good for our brand, it’s good for our hosts and we stick to it.

Keeping Nice Things Nice

Every now and again, an ambitious street artist will endow us with their latest creation, not too conveniently located on the surface of our beautiful kiosks.

We take pride in the aesthetic appearance of our kiosk network and spend the effort keeping our assets free of vandalism. Same day graffiti removal services are included in our host agreements so you can rest easy knowing we’ll keep your business pretty.

Our certified maintenance technicians are armed with the latest in paint removal technologies, i.e. Goo be Gone and specialize in street art alterations, i.e. graffiti removal.

To Host, or Not To Host: COST Is The Question

Believe it or not, hosting a Green Box on your high traffic property is FREE. Unfortunately however, not all desired locations qualify to have a Green Box on site.

In order to maximize the impact and success of our collection infrastructure, each kiosk request is analyzed against a set of placement standards which are never deviated from. We require minimum exposure values to consider a host location for partnership.

If your location is highly trafficked and visible from a public roadway, you may qualify to host a Green Box kiosk at zero expense.



– Mark Vachon, VP of GE’s Ecomagination

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