Multi-directional Traction

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Recycling a single computer saves enough energy to drive a car for 296 miles. eWaste recycled though a single Green Box saves enough energy to drive a car for 948 years. We’ve removed thousands of tons of toxic lead from groundwater and prevented the third world dumping of millions of electronic items.

Green Box is protecting Earth for generations.


In addition to providing the public with the simplest method of discarding e-waste, we also provide our recycling partners with the simplest and most sustainable method of recovering e-waste. Our certified recyclers secure predictable ratios of high value, re-salable products thereby maximizing profit margins.

Green Box is defining eWaste collection.


Green Box exceeds required standards for data obliteration and we keep sensitive data private. Using heightened security procedures, we completely destroy information on all data bearing instruments. From government agencies to home computer users, we’ve put thousands of minds at ease putting data to rest.

Green Box destroys your data. Guaranteed.

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